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“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else” –P.T. Barnum

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

An airplane…An amazing feat that we usually take for granted most days…

This huge aircraft just pivoted right in front of me, as I sit at my gate waiting for the final leg of my trip home. I have just come from an amazing conference—one where Hugh Jackman (yes, ladies—Wolverine himself) performed and spoke. As I sit here, the first song he sang (The Greatest Show) has been stuck in my head since that performance, so I put it on YouTube to listen to the entire song and not just the few lines I have memorized. And while I listen, this plane turns almost 360 degrees right outside the windows at my gate. As I bob my head up and down to the music (probably looking like an idiot, but I don’t care—I’d just seen Hugh Jackman in person!), I think to myself “that was once someone’s dream”. Flying—the Wright brothers and so many others had the dream to fly like a bird. And nothing stopped them. Did they have failed attempts? You bet! Did they want to quit? Heck yeah! But did they give up? No. They never did. And look at what happened by that dream being achieved. It has changed the world! It has allowed us to travel to places we’d never dreamed of going. It has given us the freedom to travel long distances in a short amount of time. Incredible.

What’s your dream? No matter how big or small, it will change the world. I don’t care how small you think that impact may be. It WILL change the world. YOU will change the world! Is your dream to be able to quit your job and stay home with your children? Awesome! How will that change the world, you ask? Well, your child may grow up to be a teacher, and they may teach the person who ends world hunger. Or, your child may do mission work and bring people to God, saving lives and souls. Or, maybe your child will become a doctor or a soldier or an astronaut. Whatever it is—your child is your impact, because they will remember you being there for them and the sacrifices you made and the love you gave them! Maybe your dream is to fight through a glass ceiling and become of the president of a company. Or to open your own business. Maybe your dream is to become a Certified Dream Coach and help others dream! Regardless of what your dream is, you WILL impact the world in a huge way! I don’t care what it is you do. If you bake cakes, you bring wonderful memories to a birthday party or someone’s wedding day. If you volunteer, you are impacting those who need food or fundraising or prayers. If you sell insurance, you are protecting a family’s assets and loved ones through those products you sell. If you’re a financial planner, you are helping others have a retirement. If you work in a call center, you impact the day of that person on the other end of phone. And, maybe that’s the day that person will be inspired to achieve a dream. How valuable is all of this!?! It’s HUGE, friends! And, you HAVE to believe that!! Why? Because it’s true. That’s why. You. Will. Change. The. World.

Now, I know that was a lot of exclamation points in one paragraph, but I write this with such energy and passion! And, yes, I’m still chair dancing to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Luckily, I don’t seem to be getting too many stares. But I want you to dream! Don’t lose this beautiful and exciting gift that God has given us! Immaculée Ilibagiza once said something that really stuck with me. She said, if God decided that today was the day he needed to take me, would I leave this Earth having done my part? And, the answer is no. I have not done my part. Have I done some? Sure. Have I made impacts? Yes, I think so. My 12 years of work in insurance don’t mean nothing—I protected families, educated customers, and coached agents and team members on how to effectively do their jobs. I hope that I brought joy and passion to those I worked with. Has my coaching meant nothing? No! I’ve seen journeys travelled and dreams achieved. Has my work with essential oils meant nothing? No! I’ve impacted and inspired wellness in others. But, have I truly done my part? Not yet. There’s more out there for me. There’s more I need to do. And, you know what? There’s more you need to do, too, friend. So, go do it. Dream it. Visualize it. Picture the sights, smells, & sounds of your dream. Then tell someone—your spouse, your child, a friend, a mentor, or a coach. Write it down and hang it up everywhere! Emily Wright, co-founder of doTERRA, says to write down your dream on a clean sheet of paper. Write it in the present tense as if you’ve already achieved it (i.e., “I am ____”). Draw a heart around it. And then flip over the paper and write on the back why it’s important to you and your loved ones. Why is it important to the world? I encourage each and everyone one of you reading this to do it. You won’t regret it. Is it scary? It should be! If your dream isn’t scary, then it’s not big enough!

Maybe you don’t know what your dream is. That happens to some of us sometimes. It happened to me. Pray about it. Listen to inspiring music. Read a book that speaks to you. Talk to your friends. Find a coach to ask you the right questions to help pry this dream out of you. It may not happen right away. If it has been a long time since you’ve dreamed, this may take a while. Sometimes, as adults, we forget how to dream. But, it’s okay. Your dream is in you. It’s there, I promise. Just promise me—promise yourself—that you won’t give up. Do this for you . Do this for the world!

Thanks for reading, my sweet friends. I hope this inspires you. I pray that it does. And I will dream that you find inspiration to achieve yours.

Peace and wellness,


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